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The Foto Tuyul Ghost collection Photo gallery

Foto penampakan Tuyul.Tuyul was a kind of supernatural being who had difficulty to in saw with the eyes by the normal person. Only certain people who could see him. Sometimes this person deliberate made the trap tuyul and the like. Because possibly this person was told to catch tuyul or at the request of the other person to catch thuyul. This person could disebuta paranormal or the shaman possibly very ritually. However we must believe that we had the strong conviction just one that was asked for by us help was Alloh swt.
Like that we knew, according to our community, that his name tuyul that yes the nation dedemit that liked nyuri money for the person. It was true that was not him I not knew. That was clear now I not wanted discussed about tuyul that had been known by you (emang when his acquaintance). Like this, in fact the internet not the safe zone for the smelly problem of money. Whenever we could have the potential robbed also if we were not careful in playing our finance in the internet. Yes, definitely this was current for that often the expenses with the credit card, liked to check the balance in the account via the internet banking or carried out various other sorts of the financial transaction through the internet. Or could the easy person was eaten bualan also could be robbed. Oops, I again ngomongin what yes, that read definitely in confused.

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