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Video hantu Arwah michael jackson In Neverland Home By CNN News

This is the Vidio hantu Arwah michael jackson Gentayangan, CNN camera sesosok record home run in the shadow of the King of Pop Michael Jackson has just died. A silhouette-like figures seen in Jacko Neverland Ranch, the home Jacko. The shadow is moving exactly as gait Jacko, from left to right, write the newspaper The Sun this week Monday, with the title "Jacko's ghost at Neverland" and cited VivaNews back. Video hantu Arwah michael jackson Gentayangan
Penampakan sinister accidentally caught it at your camera directly CNN television program, 'Inside Neverland', which conducted interviews between Larry King and older brother Michael, Jermaine. Both the presenter does not realize or kameramen presence penampakan silhouette is. But, once published on the website YouTube, the fans immediately recognize the presence of shadows. News penampakan of that spirit as Jacko in Neverland was directly spread quickly on the Internet.

Watch the video below, "ghost" Jacko seen about two-three seconds, moving from left to right.
Video hantu Arwah michael jackson

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