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Foto penampakan Hantu Kuyang Banjar Kalimantan Islands
This is gambar foto Hantu Kuyang kalimantan
Kalimantan is probably the area with folklor vampir most in Indonesia. One is kuyang. Interestingly, kuyang was similar to palasik from Sumatra. They believed the people who study science center that at certain times will release his head from the body to search for prey that akan dihisap blood. But people Kalimantan, especially in East Kalimantan, kuyang believe that the head will not "operate" with the still-shaped head because the head-head will become a masquerade animals, especially cats, and birds. Kuyang has a special interest to pregnant women and babies who had just been born (an "interest" of the vampir some folklor-folklor from different tribes in Indonesia. We will study about this later). Because of a woman being pregnant is not advisable to speak with foreigners, especially those trying to touch the belly of the pregnant women. Perhaps one can take kuyang fetus in the belly of a pregnant mother with a touch only. Someone who studied science kuyang have certain characteristics so that in fact easily recognized. They usually wear cloth or scarf round their neck in, time seems to cover the red line like a seam of their dissolution.

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