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Foto Hantu Nyi Roro Kidul Dan Polisi Banyuwangi

Foto Hantu Nyi Roro Kidul Dan Polisi
Baroque said the photo was taken on 8 May. At that time there was a working visit police chief Slamet Hadi Supraptoyo AKBP Banyuwangi. Himself with the top brass was photographed in the Banyuwangi district police Sukamade Beach, District Pesanggaran.
Baroque menututurkan first person entourage Banyuwangi Supervisory Police, arrived in site at around 16:00 pm. Fascinated with natural beauty and beaches Sukamade, one police chief ordered his men to capture the region.
Police accompanied by some people choose a beach with the ocean background as a force south of the photograph. Unsuspected shots with HP's visible appearance of fine creature.
Till tomorrow morning, police chief blamed one knows if there is a figure photo strange creatures, "said the Baroque.

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