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Roh Arwah suzana gentayangan Yesterday to public

In a film he stars Horror. Suzana death very mystical. Because Suzana's husband, Clift Sangra, Suzanna spirit that were, two days after the death of Suzanna. Roh Arwah suzana gentayangan Yesterday to public.
Clift confess were Suzanna on Friday, October 17. Foto suzana in the cinema. "Thank you mama come papa would have been, before morning," said Clift crying in the public cemetery Giriloyo, Magelang, Central Java.
Clear that more young men from Suzanna is sorrow. Throughout the pilgrimage at the tomb of Queen Horror, Clift continued crying.
"Papa do left strong mama. Help papa skip all this. Papa do not own strong at home. Papa lonely at home,". Two weeks passed since the death of Suzanna Martha Frederika van Osch, Suzanna soul was not simply to the Cliff. Perhaps the spirit ibunda Kiki Maria gentayangan is also known in some places in Magelang, Java Tengah.Arwah Suzanna recognized gentayangan Ahmad Junaedi, seller gravestone in front of General Funeral Giriloyo. "Standing in front of me with a smile," he said, have not been this long. Ahmad is not only a direct view. Perhaps many other people experience similar things.

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