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Gambar penampakan Leak Bali Islands and The story

This is cerita tentang leak bali. Leak Bali is a leak evil witch. Le ak means witch and evil means. Leak can be seen only at night by the shaman hunter leak. In the afternoon it looked like a normal human being, while at night he is in the tomb to find the organs in the human body to make use of the magic herb. Magic ingredient that can change the form of a leak into a tiger, monkey, pig or as Rangda. If necessary he can also take organs from living people.
Also told that the leak can be a human head with the organs that still hang in the head. Leak can be said to fly to search for pregnant women, and then to suck the blood of the baby is still in the womb. There are three famous leak. Two of them women and one man.
According to the belief Bali, leak is a common human practice magic, evil and require blood to be able to live embryo. It is said that the leak can change themselves into pigs, or a ball of fire, while the form of Leyak actually have a long tongue and sharp teeth. Some people say that the leak only works magic on the island of Bali, so that the leak is found only in Bali.
When someone punch a leak from the neck down to the head when his head separated from his body, then the leak can not be re-united with the body. If the heads are separate in a certain time, then the leak will die
Gambar foto penampakan leak bali

Gambar Leak Bali Islands.

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