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Gambar Foto Aneh Jenglot Ular Berkepala Manusia Di Tulungagung

Jenglot video circulating form of human-headed snake on Youtube, starting from ownership by a shaman in the village Ngampel, Jōhō Village, Sub KALIDAWIR, Tulungagung District. Nevertheless.

Shaman who first had a Tohir Mbah, who had died at the end of 2007 ago. Shortly before he died, he left the snake to Suyono (48), which is also recorded as the close.

When I first boarded, the human-headed snake is stored in a box with a locked condition. However, feeling curious, not long after after the owner died, Suyono decided to unpack.

"I do not see broken down and not really human-headed snake. But as kopok walang headed snake (a type of grasshopper) with body covered in a shroud and it is only visible hair. It smells so fragrant, it smells just like dead bodies," said Suyono.

Asked about the properties listed by the snake statue, never confess Suyono feel. He thought for a few months to save, do not even feel the benefits of the snake statue.

"Once I dipripeni (seen in a dream) and he only asked to be treated well. Well since then yes I save, I give calico and jafaron oil," he said.

Strange snake had deposited in her sister's house, she Wiji (53) who lived in the village of Beji in mid-2008. As a spectacle it had become citizens until finally he asked again to take home and burned. Recognition of this Suyono dismissed the video circulating human-headed snake found in Trenggalek mentioned.

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