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Indonesian star Horror Movie In Video entertainment

Indonesian star Horror Movie In Entertainment. It's a scary horror film. In Indonesia is very well-Pictures MD once.Film production this film is a remake of 1970's bear in the graves dibintangi by actress specialist Horror, Suzanna in the movie remake 'bear in the graves THE MOVIE' This role will be replaced Suzanna Julia Perez.Lima student gang namely medical Jessy (daughter Adytia), Jovan (Revand T. Narya), Titaz(Dinda Kanya Dewi), Kaila (Shalvynne), and Brian (Siran) following the observation praktikum anatomy in a hospital. They then find a mortuary that is no longer used. The mortuary is closed permanently, and provide a mortuary in the new. Because of ignorance and Brian and Kaila, berlima they are finally entering the mortuary.But no one among them who know that the mortuary is a blank look, the figures hide the corpses of women who were hidden behind the bulkhead. Her dead body is deliberately hidden.

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